Home Decor Ideas Living Room in Pop Art Theme

Cool Pop Art Living Room

Pop art theme is one of the home decor ideas living room that can be applied inside your house if you want to have a colorful and unique room as the highlight and focal point in your house. By Appling unique theme, such as pop art, the living room will look standout more from other rooms in your house.

There are many home decor ideas for living room using pop art theme that you can choose as your reference to pick up the best based on your taste. The following are some of them:

Cozy pop art living room
Beautiful appearance and cozy home living are the first impression if you have this look inside your room. You can see the harmony and also cozy ambience between the brick walls and other decorative pop art pieces on the wall with many color on the pictures. Beside that, the neutral sofa in white with colorful cushions supports the theme very well. Additionally, the white rug under the sofa give it a balance, relaxing and also soothing area to rest your mind after doing many activities outside.

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Cool pop art living room
For this style, you can see the open plan concept that stands out properly from other things and it looks good in decor style and the color scheme. Minimalist and neutral color of the wall looks totally stand out with colorful Marilyn Monroe artwork. This area should be the main point of the house and it shows the charming and interesting home living.

Contemporary pop art living room
This room can maximize the space with pop art theme and it can be one of your modern d├ęcor ideas for living room. The white color of the wall and for the furniture items brings the light and vibrant look so the room will look wider. To give the pop art theme inside it, the owner put the bright orange rug under the sofa and it gives dynamic texture for the interior to create the cozy ambience. Abstract picture with colorful theme on the wall give the focal point inside the home.

Colorful pop art living room
If you once enter this room, then you will feel hot and cold colors everywhere and they were blended together in a perfect sync top create a vibrant and cheery ambience in this room. The blue sofa matches perfectly with a red large bookcase and colorful artwork on the wall. To make it balance and wide, the owner put a large white square rug under the sofas.

Hope this home decor ideas living room using pop art theme will help you to create the best living room that can be the highlight of your home.

5 Photos of the Home Decor Ideas Living Room in Pop Art Theme

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